About Mountaintown Trout

Mountaintown Trout is a private trophy managed venue located just 60 minutes from downtown Atlanta. The venue maintains two miles of private trout water on a historic family farm just west of Ellijay, GA. The property was slowly acquired from the early to mid 1900’s and was an active family farm until 1980. The farm is still owned by our family today. In the spirit of our grandparents, we still maintain that farming tradition by allowing farmers to continue to use our property to raise cattle and farm hay.

We are not a high volume venue that pushes the environment and resources to its limits. Rather we provide a unique member guest experience for a select few partners that share our desire to help keep family lands and trout waters from future development. In return, we offer these special partners an exclusive experience within a low volume, high quality, trophy managed fishery. Many of our members utilize the venue for entertaining business clients as well as personal use. The really great asset of our venue is the proximity to metro Atlanta. There is not an easier-to-access trophy stream available in GA.

Why Mountaintown Trout?

Mountaintown Trout is the only venue in North Georgia that gives its members the feel of having their own two miles of trout stream. When members visit Mountaintown Trout they have exclusive access to the entire 2 miles of trout stream for the full day of their trip. It’s yours and only yours for the entire day! No complicated assigning of certain sections of stream, no time limits, and no worries about seeing anyone other than your guest and guide if you choose to have one. Our members also have access to an on-line reservation calander. We maintain a minimal membership roster so most days are open and available for booking. Since opening we have allowed no more than 5 memberships during any one year. Members also have the option of hiring a Mountaintown Trout guide. Our guides can greatly improve the member guest experience by giving instruction, tying flies, netting fish, providing lunch, and photographing all the great memories of your trip. Our venue is also different in that our members have access to electric golf carts provided by Mountaintown Trout. Our four-seater golf carts allow our members and their guests to quietly and easily access all 2 miles of stream.

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